The way I feel

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The other day I was just thinking about a lot of things. My head was just full of thoughts. Vane thoughts; of the kind that get you no where. Yet, in the misdt of all that mess, I was about to get something good out of it.

The world through my eyes

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When the going gets tough, And it seems there is no-where to go. When the light shines no more, You’d think there is no hope. When you believe it’s impossible, And you can’t hold anymore. When everything is over, You have to let go. So I look to you, And you bring me hope. So […]

It’s all about Love!

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Have you ever told anyone, “I love you?” You probably have, to your parents, friends, and close relatives.
When you say, “I love you” do you mean it? I think you probably do, normal people don’t go around saying it just like that. For some people the meaning of love might be a gorgeous looking girl/guy. For others it might be other things.
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Problem with my camera’s memory stick

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I ran into a big problem today when I formatted my camera’s memory stick from windows and my camera wouldn’t recognize it.
The problem was that I had formatted the memory with a file system that the camera doesn’t recognize, NTFS. But luckely I managed to use the command line to format the memory stick back to FAT file system, which is what the camera recognizes.